What we have done案例

Conduct research by film interviewing.

About the situation of the international Chinese students in NZ.

How to improve education services for the international students in NZ.

Produce online film programmes

About the New Zealand education system and individual student opportunities offered at NZ schools.

Skilled at directing, interviewing, shooting, editing & uploading short films for news media through Sea Eagle Film.

Education marketing research and promotion  

Extensive experience about International Education marketing.

Plan, organise and accompany the tours.

Between China and New Zealand. The tours could cover education, government and business. Offer language interpreters. Film the mission of the trips.

Mentor for High School international students

The mentor of Chinese international students in Wellington High School.

The organiser of Wellington High School Chinese Students Union.

Have Public speeches

About cross-cultural issues and international students’ issues.





组织两国间教育文化互访         组织有关教育文化的培训项目和协助教育文化界和政府两国间的互访。

组织中国留学生课外活动         关注留学生的融入,引导国际留学生如何对接新的文化生活环境。


主题公众演讲                            跨文化交流;  引导国际留学生如何对接融入新的文化生活环境.

国际教育的推广咨询               对新西兰和中国教育,双方优质教育资源的推广。