How I Became a Local?

How I turn myself from a observer to a local as a new migrate?

First of all, my hands have helped me to become a local because of KIW DIY culture.

When I raised my voice & raised my hands for against TTPA and weapon conference, I know I did not regard myself as an observer anymore; I become one of the kiwis using our democratic rights for human being’s rights.

How I became a local?

Birthday Means What For Me?

Speech    Birthday means what for me?

Haiying decided to have a speech for her birthday celebration in 2015.

Birthday means what for her? Haiying’s opinion:

It means it reminds me who produced me,  who influence me  gradually in the daily life. As I get older, I feel a stronger connection with my parents again.I am always carrying some part of my parents’ personalities and spirits to move forwards.

It also reminds me preparing the next career with passion for my future old age. 

I would like to give thanks to my body; it is you who has had huge impact on my life quality. To my family, to you all I know on my life journey.