Internship Project for Chinese studying Universities in Wellington NZ

Internship Project for Chinese studying Universities in Wellington NZ

Why SEC designs this project?

As a new migrant and founder of Sea Eagle Consulting, I hope to design a unique internship program that provides an engaging experience for Chinese students studying at Wellington universities.

Many Chinese students hope to stay in New Zealand after their studies and find proper work, however, during their years of study, they often do not engage with the society well. This lack of integration means finding a job after their studies is especially challenging because they don’t have the appropriate professional and social communication skills. As a passionate person with professional experience in cross-cultural research and education, I want this internship project to help university students engage in a meaningful way with Wellington’s professional and social culture.

The project is designed to expose Chinese university students to a range of professional businesses and organizations around Wellington.

About Project process

Over the course of two weeks, we will visit 10 different organizations.

Our first internship project will be held from 25 June – 18 July.

The organizations will present an overview to the students about what they do at their company and what the working culture is like.

At the close of the project, we will hold group sessions for the students to share what they learned from their 10-day internship project.

Helping young int’l talents settle down in NZ

This will give students an opportunity to learn about the professional life in Wellington, make connections and interact socially. We hope the variety of project will open doors for these students.

If this first project is a success, we intend to continue the model through future university holidays. We also plan to expand towards university students from different areas of study and different countries.

What you can support?

We hope to gain support from local companies, councils, university to provide the funds and connections to make this internship meaningful and engaging.

Please Contact me if you would like to support our program through one of these ways. I will visit you for more details.

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