Help tailor your label & brand,finding custom regulations and distribution in China

Sea Eagle Consulting is working collaboratively with TPK to support Maori collective success both at home and around the world. Sea Eagle Consulting is working specifically with TPK to build a relationship for Maori to sell their honey product overseas in China. There is a huge overseas demand for the New Zealand honey, but the Maori producers were not receiving enough profit before receiving the support from TPK. Sea Eagle Consulting is providing in-depth market research to help facilitate a successful export relationship in China.

Sea Eagle Consulting understands how valuable it is to tailor a product design so that it is widely accepted in the country of export. When we first began our work with the Maori honey, we approached the Chinese brand marketers and listened to their feedback regarding the brand name and label design. Their advice on the most accepted product design and volume or product was essential information to allow for success in the new market.

We began our work with the honey producers by giving them feedback on their brand name and label design. Initially, we recommended the producers take on a Maori name, such as Heidi, which is an important name to the Maori culture. When I began conversations with the Chinese brand marketers, however, the name Heidi did not convey a strong sense of the Maori culture to the Chinese market because they did not have in-depth knowledge of the Maori culture. Our final recommendation was to choose a name that was more obviously related to the Maori culture that could be recognised on more of a global market. Then, we turned our attention to the design label. The original design was a simple, modern design that did not show any direct link with the Maori culture. Based on our research, we advised that the design should have a clear relationship with the Maori traditional culture.

We then helped the producers with the paperwork required for customer regulations. In order have a successful entry in the Chinese market, we had to meet all the paperwork requirements. After the regulation research, we looked for online and offline distributors for the producers. One of our final suggestions will be on how to design a sample product for distributors to trial. Our suggestion is to keep this a simple, small jar that will be easily handled, show the quality of the product, but not cause much waste for the producer

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