Xi’an Education Delegation SEC协助迎接西安教育局代表团



  • 新西兰Lower Hutt市与中国西安市是姐妹友好城市。双方于2003签订了友好合作协议。
  • 西安市教育局代表团和西安文化交流中心组成的团队,于2016年2月24日到访了Lower Hutt市下属的VHS高中访问。
  •  SEC咨询创办史海瑛与LH市政府国际关系部主任James Jamb协同市长Ray Wallace, 与来自西安教育局长带队的代表们进行了沟通。
  • 期间,西安二十六中与VHS高中签订了友好学校的协议。双方就交换生和教师的互访,开展冬夏令营的活动等,今后将有实质性的合作。



In February of 2016, Sea Eagle Consulting coordinated an education delegation talk between the Lower Hutt City Council and the education bureau from Xi’an. The Lower Hutt Mayor, Ray Wallace, director of public relations, James Lamb, and founder of Sea Eagle Consulting, Haying Shi, all visited the delegation talk at Hutt Valley School where a friendship-agreement was signed between Hutt Valley School and No. 26 Middle School in Xi’an. We presented each member of delegates with a specially-chosen gift that represented New Zealand’s significant symbols and crafts.

This connection continues to grow and delegates have invited New Zealand partners to visit Xi’an in the future. The founder of Sea Eagle Consulting, Haiying Shi, continues to follow-up with Lower Hutt City Council to maintain this relationship and starts the first steps of preparation for the future visit in 2017.

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