在SEC咨询创办人史海瑛的协助联络下, 驻新西兰中国大使馆教育处参赞陈跃,秘书孙云鹏携中国长春外国语学校的国际部主任邵兵,走访新西兰惠灵顿高中。中国长春外国语学校也是中国驻新西兰大使王鲁彤的母校。

首先我们和惠灵顿高中校长Nigel Hanton和国际部主任Maria Walker进行了座谈。





SEC咨询创办海瑛老师 希望协助中国更多的中学来新西兰做相关的文化交流活动。SEC咨询团队会为国内的学校来访团队做全面的引介和服务。


Sea Eagle Consulting assisted education officers within the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand to bring a Confucius class from China to a New Zealand school. Our consultancy helped connect Changchun Foreign Languages School with Wellington High School. This connection prospered into a meeting in Wellington, where the school director and Chinese education counsellor were able to discuss the ideas and goals.

Wellington High School’s principal and international director warmly welcomed the Chinese school director and education counsellor. After a friendly and productive conversation about how to build a collaborative Confucius class, we toured various parts of the school and saw courses being taught. Wellington High School offers a diverse set of curriculum options, such as cooking and craft-making, to their students which prepare them for a variety of real-world experiences. The Chinese school director was very interested to set up optional courses in New Zealand and learned a great deal from the Wellington High School visit.

The founder of Sea Eagle Consulting, Haiying Shi, continues to follow-up with these partners make the Confucius class programme become a reality. Sea Eagle Consulting also helps the Foreign Language School access the education resources in New Zealand.


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