Services in China

Services in New Zealand


Do the research by film interviewing.

About the situation of the international Chinese students in New Zealand.

How to improve the education service for the international students in NZ.

Producing on line film programs

About New Zealand education system and the individual attracts of the schools in NZ.

Skilled at directing, interviewing, shooting editing & uploading short films for new media through Sea Eagle Film.

Education marketing researching and promoting  

Extensive experiences about International Education marketing experience.

 Plan, organize and accompany the tours

Between China and New Zealand. The tours could cover education, government and business. Offer the language interpreters. Film the mission of the trips.

Mentor for High School international students

The mentor of the Chinese international students in Wellington High School.

The organizer of Wellington High School Chinese Students Union.

Have Public speeches

About cross cultural issues and international students issues.