SEC教育商务项目 What services we provide?

SEC教育商务项目  What services we provide

  1. 培训计划出国留学的学生:如何客观全面的准备对接海外留学生活。
  2. 中国学校和家庭教育培训:怎样对接新西兰素质教育的具体表现。
  3. 协助参与中国中学课改,设置其选修课程和考核评价。
  4. 培训中国学生英语演讲;学生英语演讲竞赛的评审。
  5. 中国与新西兰学生和教育人士的互访。
  6. 中国与新西兰的商务互访和商务贸易咨询。

The agreement to cooperate

SEC can offer the following services:

  1. Training for students going overseas for study.
  2. Assistance to design optional academic courses for Chinese high schools and the evaluation system.
  3. How the students in China get the more proper quality-oriented education training at school and at home.
  4. English Speech training for Chinese students. Provide evaluation services for students entering English speech contests in China.
  5. Organize the study tours for students, teachers and education professionals between New Zealand and China.
  6. Organize the business tours and marketing research between New Zealand and China.